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Take pains; write as plainly and neatly as possible — rapidly if you can, slowly if you must. Good writing affects us sympathetically, giving us a higher appreciation both of what is written and of the person who wrote it. Don’t say, I haven’t time to be so particular. Take time; or else write fewer letters and shorter ones. A neat well-worded letter of one page once a month is better than a slovenly scrawl of four pages once a week. In fact, bad letters are like store bills: the fewer and the shorter they are, the better pleased is the recipient.

J. Willis Westlake in How To Write Letters, 1876

Song: “Concerto For Flute And Strings In G Minor, Op.10, No.2, R.439 ‘La Notte’ - 3. Largo” by Vivaldi, performed by Patrick Gallois

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